"It is a violation of the TSR to fail to transmit or cause to be transmitted the phone number, and, when available by the telemarketer’s phone company, the name of the telemarketer to any consumer’s caller identification service." FTC  Telemarketing Sales Rule

"When caller ID information is blocked or falsified, consumers cannot make an informed decision about whether to pick up the call." Excerpt: CFBP NPRM July 28, 2016

Caller ID

Higher Connect Rate, More Callbacks, Lower DNC Requests.  Smart Business.  Caller ID Management is the art and science of list penetration and CNAM or Caller ID is at the core of your compliant strategy for maximizing contact rate.

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As an independent agent, Triwest Communications represents your interests.  We start with a complimentary review of your current telecom usage and environment.  We then compare competitive rates and the latest technologies to ensure you have the most efficient services and the most  cost effective rates.

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Our Commitment to You


Choosing a carrier or telecommunications provider is one of the most important decisions a call center can make.  Voice remains the dominant channel for productive engagement in sales, survey, politics, customer service and financial service including collections.  Not every carrier is able to competently support high call volume, both inbound and outbound, generated by the modern call center.  Triwest Communications is a trusted advisor to call centers all across the US.  We understand the quality you require and the underlying technology necessary to support it.  Let Triwest be your advocate when selecting your communications partners in technology and telecommunications.  We understand your business, we are incredibly grateful for your trust and we won't let you down.