We've compiled the following frequently asked questions related to both our telecom and CNAM products and service:

What is CNAM?

CNAM is the NAMe component of Caller ID.  It is not automatic.  What you display is important for many reasons including compliance with various regulations and brand management for yourself and your client(s).

Who Determines What CNAM is Displayed

You do.  Failure to manage what is displayed on each phone number in use has consequences ranging from business to legal.

Who Governs What Can be Displayed?

It's a very long list that includes the federal government and can include state and local government as well.  But it starts with common sense.  Studies show an increase in productive conversations when projecting an accurate and descriptive Caller ID Name.

What is a Telecom Audit?

Triwest provides a complementary review of your telecom requirements which includes an analysis of your current invoice.  There is no obligation required for this free service.

Is Cost Reduction the Only Goal?

No.  Not all carriers specialize in high call volume (inbound and outbound).  We work with carriers who understand the requirement of call centers (low PDD), Low FCR, High CPS, etc., and make sure our recommended vendors offer best in class quality and competitive in rates

How Does Triwest Get Paid?

Our vendors pay us for representing them to you.  That said, we are very clear that our only interest is in bringing you the best vendor for your individual needs.