Telecom Services


US Origination and Termination

TCPA Focused Manual Dial Termination

US Toll Free w/Carrier Diversity

International Termination (A to Z)

CNAM Enabled DID's


SIP or Traditional TDM T1 Delivery

DIA, NxT1, Fast-E Circuit Delivery

MPLS, VLPS, SDWan Services

Fiber (One Call to Determine Availability)

National Rack, Cage and Data Center Specialist




CNAM Services

CNAM Enabled DID

Local US Numbers with Self Managed CNAM.  No monthly minimums and no termination charge for return calls to a toll free or SIP number.

CNAM Enabled Number with DIP Revenue

Same as above but included CNAM Dip Revenue when commitment exceed 25K dips per number, per month.

Contact Management Services

Maximize List Penetration and Portfolio Revenue Recovery using Proven Contact Management Strategies.


Cloud Services

Contact Center Type

Inbound Contact Center

Outbound Contact Center

Customer Service Solutions

Enterprise Call Center

Financial Services - Collections


Contact Center Solutions

Unified OmniChannel Services

Hosted PBX

ACD - Automated Contact Distribution

IVR - Interactive Voice Response

WFM/O - Workforce Management/Optimization